Glass Fence for Balcony – Things You Must Consider!

If you have a beautiful house surrounded by nature and you use a metal or concrete fence, it will block the complete view and you will definitely not like it. Fences become obstructive despite being a necessity in such cases. But if you use glass fences for a balcony, you will barely know if it is there or not.

Glass fencing is a beautiful addition to the balcony, they look stunning, beautiful and they provide accurate protection. But there are few things that must be considered while planning to install a glass fence. Whether you install them in your balcony, steps or at poolside, the below tips will ensure that you get the best output in the end.

First, decide the place of your glass fence:
This is the first thing that should be considered. Where are you looking your glass fence to be placed – on the steps, balcony or somewhere else? Glass fences on balcony look amazing, they stand out and make your balcony look unique as well as give your balcony the perfect fall protection.

Decide the height of the fences:
Once you decide the place, the next step is to decide the length or height of the fences. If you have pets and kids you must keep the height at a level which will protect your kids and pets.

Decide the other products you want to use:
The entire fence will not just contain glass, you will have to decide what are the other products you would like to use that will complete the entire look of the fence. Plastic, wood, metal, steel, etc., can make your glass fence complete and special.

You can also get frameless glass fence. Once you decide the look, you can work on your design plan. You can use some ideas from magazines and online blogs and make a note of all the designs that you have liked. It will help you in saving time in identifying and finalizing the accessories that you like. It will also make it easier for you to choose the right design. Because the clearer picture you have in mind, the easier it will be to brief the dealer or manufacturer.

You can use stainless steel castings for the fittings of the glass fence. They are strong, sturdy, they can withstand any weather, corrosion resistant and at the same time they are eco-friendly as well. You can also use stainless steel glass spigots which come in different shapes and sizes. They are extremely useful in fixing the fences properly as their quality is top-notch.

Decide your budget
You must decide the budget before anything else as it will help you in making a correct decision about the materials, quality, size of the fence, accessories, etc.

Perfect fit
When you purchase the glass, you must ensure that the perfect measurement is taken. It is extremely important for the fence to have the right dimensions and measurements.

Decide the supplier
It is a very important decision to make because it will help you in getting the perfect product. You must meet two-three suppliers before hiring anyone. Take the quotations from them and see who fits well within your budget. You should also check-out their past works and customer reviews. Ask them if they will only supply the material or also fix it. You should go ahead with the supplier who gives you the best deal.

Check the features of the glass:
The glass must have the following features:
• The glass should come with a maximum warranty.
• It should be heat and UV resistant.
• It must have high resistance to scuffs and scratches.
• It should be easy to clean and difficult to break.
• The glass should be thick enough so that it doesn’t break easily.

It is necessary to fence the balcony but it is not necessary to compromise with the beauty of the house. With the help of a glass fence, you can keep your kids and pets safe as well as enjoy the beautiful view outside. You may also fit lockable doors in your fences, making them more convenient and functional. Apart from just looking beautiful, they will also help in avoiding anyone from easily entering inside.