Glass Jars That Combine Chinese Traditions And Modern Manufactoring

Candy is one of those things that needs a container and glass jar containers work the best. Paper and plastic bags are not so durable and all the printing on the packaging that candy comes in is distracting at the least and often it is marketing ugly. In many cases glass jars by Honsunware are the ideal container for precious candy.


Honsunware glass jars and other glass products are great as practical containers. They are transparent and allow the owner to see the content. Many jars have air tight lids and caps to ensure the freshness of the stored contents remain uncontaminated and fresh. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide range of candies and other perishables.


Honsunware seems to be staffed by wizards who are able to dream up fantastic glass products – instead of the traditional white glazed porcelain tea cups how about a glass tea cup and better yet a clear glass tea pot so you can watch your tea brewing before you for you pour it into your glass tea cup. But do not limit yourself to drinking from glass tea cups. Honsunware produces a nearly endless array of glass drinking items customized to a long list of beverages. Tea, coffee, juice, beer, and wine all have their own specialized cups.



Glass Jars

When you are in the kitchen trying to spice up a dish that has become boring and humdrum, try reaching for exotic flavors from the Orient that are stored in chic glass jars by Honsunware?


The products produced by Honsunware are a unique blend of ancient traditions of hand crafting and the the most recent advances in chemistry and factory design. The heart of Honsunware products is borosilicate a special type of glass that supports hand turned production, is beautiful with exceptional clarity, and resistant to the effects of heat.


When you select Honsunware you can be assured that you are selecting glassware of the very finest quality, for while it is a relatively young company founded in 2006 it has grown to one of the largest glass producers in China with four huge factories that cover over 7,000 square meters. Today Honsumware is exporting to over thirty countries.


The Honsunware Research and Development department and Quality Control teams a constantly striving to provide the best of traditional hand craftsmanship and superior modern production methods. Products are checked in the factories by skilled masters who also supervise the packaging and preparation for shipping.


When you choose glass jars and other products from Honsunware you are selecting goods that are environmentally friendly and made of materials that can be recycled. The Borosilicate glass used by Honsunware is also tested to be free of contaminates such as heavy metals.


The glass jars of Honsunware are practical, clear and beautiful, preserve ancient craft traditions, and friendly to the environment.